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Five Easy Steps to 

Working with GVKB

At Grand Valley Kitchen and Bath we understand our role as a valued ingredient for the success of realizing your kitchen story. Our 5 step design process assures the importance of identifying key components to your project. Grand Valley Kitchen and Bath uses contemporary technology to allow viewing your kitchen concept before you purchase. Construction professionals appreciate the attention to detail including bills of materials and fully detailed shop drawings, allowing for seamless installation excellence.


Every Kitchen Has a Story, an introductory meeting to identify the key components that help identify the core essence of your project including but not limited to cabinet and counter top selection, appliances, and decorative elements including backsplash and plumbing.


step two

Design Modeling will be provided to create a 3D model of your project enabling you to see the very elements discovered in our initial meeting displayed in a color

concept rendition.

[$299.00 for the initial 3D modeling presentation, applied to the purchase of your cabinet package if you move forward]

step three

Professional engineered drawings will
be provided to you for appropriate use for general contractors, sub-contractors, and designers as may be necessary to communicate fully the complete parameters of your dream kitchen.

[50% deposit of the proposed cabinet presentation as outlined in Step 2]

Image-1 (1).jpg
step four

Installation management will be provided for the installation team as chosen by you

or your builder to articulate key attributes and detail assuring a professional approach

to the completed installation process


[Included as part of your purchase of cabinetry components from Grand Valley Kitchen and Bath]

step five

Follow up will be provided to review the installation and cabinet adjustments as well

as any other questions or concerns that arise over the course of your project.


[Included as part of your purchase
of cabinetry components from Grand Valley Kitchen and Bath]


*Other services are available upon request including stand-alone design, consultation, and technical services.

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